Site Preparation

Site Preparation for Storage Structures and Gazebos

 A Level site is most important. Crushed Stone is recommended to evenly support a building or gazebo. The Stone provides a level base for the structure and creates a French-drain effect for rain runoff. Our storage sheds, garages, and gazebos come with 4"x4" pressure-treated foundation beams.  This will eliminate the need for any concrete blocks. Elite Outdoor Structures  offers mulitple site preparations options. Including: Stone pads, 6x6 perimeters, retaining walls, anchor kits, and sono tube footings.  Please contact us to set up a site visit.

For information regarding site work pricing and our gallery of work, please refer to the "Foundations" section as well as "Prices and Brochures" section of our website.



Below is a step by step process in determining the approximate slope of your property:


 1. Place a stake in the ground at the starting point (highest point) of the stone pad for your structure and attach a string to it.

2. Measure out the size of the foundation which should be 1' larger on all sides, ie: 8x12 shed would measure 10x14 for foundation.               

3. Hang a line level in the center of the string.( line levels are available at any hardware store for approx $3)

4. Raise or lower the string until the bubble in the level appears between the lines and tie it off.

5. Measure the distance between the string to the ground (low side).

6. This will determine the slope of the ground.  (If the measurement from the string to the ground is greater than 6-8" than further steps may need to be taken to level site)


 Your selected site must be level. So, please contact us with any questions you might have including doing the site work yourself.

Elite Outdoor Structures is not responsible for Customer-Supplied Site Preparations that are not leveled properly.